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Because they could cause death in infants, the Boppy Company is recalling all Newborn Loungers they sold. 8 infants have already died from this particular Boppy pillow. Because children are so vulnerable, boppy pillow lawyer and any other consumer product intended for children’s use must meet the strictest safety standards. Even the simplest tasks can cause injury to them. These products cannot be put on the market without being checked for defects in design, manufacturing, labeling, and other factors.

The Boppy Company’s specific line of infant loungers poses a serious risk to babies sleeping. Eight babies have already died from suffocation as a result of their product. The first was in 2015. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), has issued a recall for more than three million new newborn loungers.

Dolman Law Group Product Liability Lawyers

A harmful baby product should not cause the death of a child. Boppy Company was notified of problems with their newborn loungers in 2015, but failed to take the necessary steps to remove them from the market. Numerous deaths have resulted from their negligence about the safety of their product. Dolman Law Group is a specialist in cases involving dangerous products harming children. We can help you take legal action against people whose negligence allowed dangerous products to be made and kept in stores, and cause harm to your child.

Boppy Company, based in Colorado, makes a range of baby products including baby carriers and nursing pillows.

They recently issued a recall on a particular product they use to make Newborn Loungers. This recall includes:

  • Boppy Original Newborn Lounger
  • Preferred Newborn Lounger
  • Pottery Barn Kids Newborn Lounger

These products were sold between January 2004 and September 2021, when they were finally recalled. These Boppy newborn loungers were sold in a variety of stores across the country, including Target, Walmart, Pottery Barn Kids and

After eight deaths caused by the products in the past six years, Boppy issued a voluntary recall of the newborn loungers. The recall focuses on the danger that the newborn loungers pose to infants who can be forced to breathe through the cushions.

Why is the Boppy Newborn Lounger so dangerous?

It is obvious that small children will seek out ways to hurt themselves accidentally. It is important to remove all possible hazards from the infant’s environment, such as sharp edges and choking hazards. This is also true for the baby’s sleeping environment. If infants fall asleep on the newborn lounger, it can pose a danger to their health.

Pillows are an essential part of sleeping for most people, but infants need a flat surface that is free from restraints and loose bedding. While pillows are comfortable for most people, infants may find themselves in unsafe positions with their faces pressed against the pillow or orientated in a way that could cause them to choke. Boppy Company’s baby lounger can cause similar situations and even harm children.

The Boppy Newborn Lounger and Its Intended Use

Boppy stated that the newborn loungers were not meant to be used for sleeping. They also warn about the dangers of using them unsupervised. It is well-known that infants often fall asleep, so the Boppy newborn lounger poses a risk to the child’s health. These products should not be used, regardless of their intended use.

What Can Dolman Law Group Do?

The product liability laws provide protection for consumers and allow them to hold those responsible for harming them . When defective products cause harm to consumers, product liability lawsuits seek to compensate designers, manufacturers, distributors, as well as other responsible parties. This could be because of defective design, manufacturing defects or concerns regarding safety labeling.

Dolman Law Group has been helping people who have been affected by defective products for more than a decade. They also assist in taking legal actions against negligent companies. Boppy Company and other businesses try to claim they are not responsible for any harm caused by their products. It is important to seek the guidance of a product liability lawyer to protect your rights. Our lawyers will work closely with your to ensure you aren’t being taken advantage of. They can also provide valuable insight and resources that can help you build a product liability case.

Why would you file a Product Liability Lawsuit against a company?

Dolman Law Group is sensitive to these cases. We understand that no lawsuit can heal the pain caused by the death of a child. A lawsuit can help you get out of the financial pains that the loss can cause and also provide closure.

Dolman Law Group may be able to help you with your Boppy Newborn Lounger case Boppy Company introduced a product that was a risky for infants. They were aware of the danger, but failed to act. Boppy Company or other companies may be responsible for any injuries you sustain from their newborn lounger products. Dolman Law Group can help you if your child was hurt or lost by the Boppy pillow.