Five Key Questions to Ask Your Team Leaders

Are you happy with your team? Perhaps there are still areas for improvement. Below are five questions that can help you determine the gaps in team effectiveness.

  1. Do we really know what we are trying?

Are all members of your staff able to comprehend the strategic plan and the impact that team successes and failures have on the achievement of the organisation’s goals? How involved were they in setting goals for the team? What were their goals for the team?

Top tip: Involve the team and communicate clearly how they will contribute to the organization’s goals.

  • Is everyone on the team dedicated to our shared goals?
  • This question can be answered through observation and questions. A common goal does not guarantee success. Commitment is required. Sometimes, there can be a clash in expectations and goals that causes a lack of commitment.

    The best tip is to make sure that your goals align with the values and aspirations of your team members.

  • Are we likely to achieve our goals
  • Do you have the right combination or skills to do what you want? Do you have the best combination of competencies for what you want to achieve? If not, how can you increase these resources through outsourcing, training, and hiring? Do you have clear expectations regarding the work performance of your team members and their behaviour?

    Top tip: Make sure you have teams to meet the future needs as well as the present.

  • Do we appreciate and respect our individual strengths.
  • Do you know the individual skills, talents and experience of each member in your team? Do they get respect for their expert knowledge? Are they allowed to utilize their strengths and expertise?

    The best tip is to delegate tasks to people who are experts in their area of expertise. This will give them the opportunity to shine.

  • Communicate well?
  • Does the team leader communicate relevant information effectively and in a timely manner? Does each team member have the opportunity to voice their opinion in an environment that is respectful and open?

    Tip: Make sure to include practices, such meeting agendas, so that everyone can contribute and not feel threatened.

  • We all have the potential to lend a hand.
  • Is there a sense of cooperation among your team members? Are they willing to go the Arif Bhalwani Wife extra mile to achieve team goals? Are team members willing to share information and collaborate with one another?

    Best practice tip: Just like communication, a great team leader will model the behavior that is expected from other members of the team.

  • Are we having fun or not?
  • Although work is work, it shouldn’t be fun. However, if people enjoy their work and the company they have, they will do a lot better.

    Best practice tip: Celebrate your victories and avoid blaming others for things that go wrong.

    Reflecting on these questions can help you think of ways to improve your staff. Do not lose them!

    Next, you need to decide which actions you should take and how to execute them. Make a list, share your ideas, and ask for help from others in your team.