The 10 Best Cocktail Bars in the World

You want to learn all about the best bars around the globe where the cocktails are amazing and the atmosphere is great. They draw them back to their bars year after year. These bars are now a landmark in their respective cities, and a haven for like-minded souls.

Here are the top 10 cocktails bars in the world.

New York’s Bemelmans Bar.Bemelmans Bar, Carlyle Hotel’s elegantly decorated bar, is a Manhattan landmark that has been around for over five decades. Popular watering hole attracts patrons from all walks of the life, including politicians, actors, and Hollywood’s movers and shakers. This bar is renowned for its great drinks, delicious food, popular cocktails in the world and attentive service. It also boasts the 24-carat gold leaf-covered ceiling which makes it one of the most popular bars in the city.