Actual love movies with story flow in Telugu

As the growing world of the Telugu industry, we all know Tollywood is doing great. Telugu movies online have brought about a drastic change in the standards for plots for movies. The action scenes that have been shown in Tollywood are just mind-blowing and crushing other industries. Telugu movies online brought us the opportunity to watch them again and again. Movies online through the OTT platform have made our 2020 pandemic time somewhat beautiful. The OTT platforms provide us with high-quality movies. We can see hd movies online

The action that Telugu movies show is sometimes becoming violent. The thing which one sees while watching, they can relate it in real life. The genuine love one watch in the movies inspires them. There is a lot more to know about this industry, giving it vast importance globally. Watching Telugu movies online like Mehabooba are always being loved because they will make us in the mood for love. Although they are based on love, they can still easily watch with family. The feature mentioned above is one of the unique features of Telugu movies online.

Mehabooba, a Tollywood movie, is released on 11th May 2018. It is directed and produced by PuriJagannadh. In this movie, we see that Roshan is a youth who wants to join an army. During this rime, Afreen comes to India for her future studies. The youth couple crossed each other’s paths to know about the time of 1971 when they were re-incarnated during the India-Pakistan war and separated in dire circumstances. Then, the rest of the story revolves around how the couple solves their problems. It is a love story, which makes the movie an interesting one. The history of fights between India and Pakistan is brought up in this movie, making the film more interesting.

We could see that the beginning of the movie has emotions that are brought up very well. The scene of India-Pakistan borders was put up excellently. The second part of the film focuses on the Indian-Pakistan Rivalry. Mehabooba has a good story with love in it. The dialogue one uses in the movie is appealing and unique, and it makes a long way in the world of Tollywood.

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